LED Lighting Installation and Retrofit in Houston, TX

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Have you been avoiding making the switch to LED lights in your fixtures? It can be time to make the change. Updating to LED lights can provide many benefits, including allowing you to save energy and money. Call our electricians at Allsource Electrical Technologies for appointments in Houston, TX. We offer warranties on all of our services.

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What Is LED Retrofitting?

Retrofitting occurs when you convert your existing light to an LED fixture. This includes if you have a CFL, Fluorescent, Incandescent, or another type of fixture or bulb.

While most lights can be retrofitted, it’s not always possible. To determine if your lights can be retrofitted, consult an electrician. Our experts at Allsource Electrical Technologies will help you decide if your lights can be retrofitted or if you need LED replacement services.

Call the Pros To Install LED Trim Kits

It’s essential to hire an experienced electrician to install an LED trim kit. This might seem like a project you can DIY by watching instructional videos, but it’s essential to leave the work to the experts.

Electrical contractors can ensure the kit is installed correctly. He or she can also troubleshoot any protential problems that can occur. An experienced expert can also take the opportunity to inspect the wiring and the light while performing the work to ensure they are working properly.

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What To Consider When Buying LED Strip Lights

You have many options when purchasing LED strip lights. It’s important to consider the following before making a selection:

  • Do you need 12V or 24V? To determine this, you should match the voltage of the LED strip to the voltage of the battery or transformer you’re using as your power source. An electrician can help you figure this out.
  • Do you want weatherproof lights? You should purchase a weatherproof strip if the lights will be exposed to moisture, rain, or other wet weather.
  • How to read the color code: When purchasing lights you can determine what colors you want the bulbs to display. The RGB means only colors, RGBW means colors and white light, and RGB+ CCT means colors and white, plus the ability to change from cool to warm white temperature.
  • Do you need a controller? If you want to change the lights and their colors, you will need a controller.

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