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Frequently Asked Questions

If your lights flicker occasionally, either while they are on, or when you are running certain appliances, it can signal a problem. It can be due to a wiring issue or a problem with your power supply. Call our electricians at Allsource Electrical Technologies to let us inspect the issue and repair it.
When your wiring starts to malfunction, it can be difficult to determine when it needs to be repaired, and when it should be replaced. Some signs that can indicate you need to install new wiring are:
  • You have bad wiring connections.
  • You notice the lights dimming or brightening periodically.
  • You notice the lights flickering.
  • You notice the odor of burning plastic.
  • You see sparks, flames, or smoke.
  • You notice the wires start to overheat.
  • You notice scorching around or behind the faceplate.
Motion sensor lights can be great additions to outdoor spaces to increase safety and security. These help illuminate dark spaces to prevent trips and falls, and they can deter intruders or animals. When installed around the perimeter of a home or building, these will automatically turn on when motion is detected in the yard. This will alert you to a potential security risk.
When trying to determine if your electrical panel needs to be repaired, our experts recommend looking for certain signs. This can include if your panel is overcrowded with double-tapped breakers with multiple wires. You should also watch for symptoms that there’s not enough capacity, like power surges and flickering lights. A physical sign you can look for is corrosion, like rust or water damage.
When determining if your generator is working correctly, it’s essential to watch for these key signs that can indicate a problem. Our electricians recommend watching for:
  • If there are signs of a leak.
  • If it is low in coolant.
  • If there is no fuel, or if fuel is leaking.
  • If the battery is dead or malfunctioning.
  • If the unit is not turning on correctly.
If you notice any of these signs, then you need to schedule professional services. Call our experts to schedule an appointment at your Houston property.
It’s essential to ensure your smoke detectors are working at all times to keep your household safe. When determining if they are functioning, our electricians recommend performing a visual inspection to ensure it’s properly installed, using the “test” button to check the alarm, checking the batteries to ensure they work, making sure any connected alarms are also working correctly, or using smoke or aerosol that’s designed for smoke detector tests to see if the alarm detects the smoke.
Yes, all of our technicians are licensed and insured.
Allsource Electrical has been operating for 15 years in the Houston, Texas community with over 30 years of combined electrical experience.
Yes, we do offer a variety of yearly maintenance plans for commercial and residential customers.
We don't work on vehicles electrical systems.
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