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Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

Is there aluminum wiring in your home? This can be dangerous and may need to be replaced. Often found in older homes, aluminum wiring can expand, leading to overheating at the connection points, which can lead to fires. Other risks can include:

  • It can become brittle and more prone to oxidation, which can cause electrical fires.
  • The soft wires can get cut or crushed during renovation projects. Damaged wires can create hot spots, which can lead to overheating.
  • A 55% higher risk of fires than in homes with copper wiring.
  • When the wiring oxidizes, arcing can occur. This can lead to overheating and fire.
  • When it rusts it can develop a white oxide that can lead to overheating.

When You Should Be Scheduling Electrical Repairs

Does your home need wiring repairs? To ensure the problem gets repaired quickly and you can avoid risks at your house, watch for these signs that can signal you need repairs:

  • If you have too many extension cords running throughout your house.
  • If your lights have started to dim or flicker.
  • If you smell odd odors – especially near outlets and light switches.
  • If you notice frequent sparks when plugging cords into outlets.
  • If your outlets or light switches feel hot.
  • If you are frequently tripping your circuit breaker.
  • If you hear buzzing coming from the outlets or light switches.

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Signs Your Wiring Needs To Be Replaced

It’s essential to replace your wiring at the first signs of an issue. When determining if you need electrical wiring installation services, watch for these signs

  • Bad connections. These can pose a potential fire risk.
  • You notice the lights dimming or brightening periodically.
  • You notice the lights flickering. This can signal a possible connection issue.
  • You smell burning plastic.
  • There are visible sparks, flames, or smoke.
  • The wires are overheating.
  • You notice scorching around or behind the face plate. The plate may also be hot to the touch.

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