Outdoor Lighting Services in Houston, TX

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Did you know outdoor lighting can help deter intruders and animals from entering your yard? These provide needed light to improve the safety around your property. To learn more about outdoor lights and low voltage lighting options, call Allsource Electrical Technologies for appointments in Houston, TX. We offer warranties on all services.

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Reasons to Install Security Lighting

Installing security lighting around your house can have many advantages for your household. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Prevent intruders and burglars from targeting your home or building.
  • Keep critters from entering your property or other unwanted places, like your trash.
  • Help your family, visitors, and guests safely move around your property on well-lit walkways or parking lots.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

When adding new lights to your outdoor living space, you have numerous options to choose from. These can vary based on the purpose of the light, and your outdoor space. Some of the most common types of lighting can include:

  • Motion-Activated Lighting: This will help deter intruders as it will turn on and light up the area.
  • Security Lighting: Adding lighting in dark areas around your building can prevent dark hiding places for intruders.
  • Landscape Lighting: This will help illuminate key areas of your yard to showcase statues, trees, and more.
  • Yard Lighting: Adding lights around your yard can increase your protection to prevent falls around your property.
  • Patio Lighting: Patio lights can create an inviting atmosphere around your yard when entertaining guests.

Adding new indoor lighting to your home can quickly change the decor and ambiance of your property. Learn more about the services of our outdoor lighting company in the Houston area.

Questions To Ask About Outdoor Lighting

When scheduling outdoor lighting services, it’s important to make sure you’re asking the right questions to ensure you’re getting the right types of lights for your yard. Some questions you should ask lighting contractors before scheduling services are:

  • What types of outdoor lighting are best for my yard?
  • Where should I install outdoor lighting fixtures to enhance safety and security?
  • How can I control my outdoor lighting system, such as using timers or motion sensors?
  • Are there any specific regulations or codes I need to comply with when installing outdoor lighting?
  • Are there any maintenance tips or best practices for keeping outdoor lighting fixtures in good condition?
  • What is the expected lifespan of outdoor lighting fixtures, and how often do they need to be replaced?
  • Can you recommend lighting solutions for specific outdoor features, such as a pool, deck, or pathway?
  • How can I troubleshoot common issues with outdoor lighting, such as flickering or malfunctioning fixtures?

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