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When you need electrical repairs on your system, it’s crucial to schedule services with a professional immediately. Delaying repairs can lead to dangerous consequences, including fires, shocks, and electrical code violations. Protect your household by scheduling appointments with our trusted experts. Call Allsource Electrical Technologies for services in Spring, TX. We offer same-day services.

We offer complete electrical services to Spring, including:

  • Electrical repair and troubleshooting
  • Electrical panel repair and replacement
  • Light switches and dimmers
  • Code compliance repairs
  • Electrical safety inspection
  • Indoor lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Electrical outlet repair and replacements
  • EV charging stations

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Circuit Breakers: What You Need to Know

Do you know what circuit breakers are, and what they do? While you might be familiar with them and know that they are related to your electrical service panel, you might not know exactly what their function is.

Our electricians are here to help.

These work similarly to fuses. They trip if the electrical current is too high. This protects your home and your building from a potentially dangerous situation if too much electricity is being used.

While they are similar to fuses, they have a key difference. Fuses are only single-use – meaning you have to replace them after they trip. With circuit breakers, you can reset them when they trip.

Circuit breakers are also safer than fuses, so if you still have a fuse box in your house or building, you should have it upgraded to a circuit panel.

Call our electricians at Allsource Electrical Technologies for breaker panel repairs and electrical panel upgrades.

Why You Need 3-Pronged Outlets

When you look around your house, do you have any 2-pronged outlets? If you do, you should have them replaced. These outlets are an electrical code violation.

Three-pronged outlets provide a grounding line and a grounding electrical outlet. This will detect high electrical currents and neutralize them in the ground before it reaches your house or building.

Our electrical contractors can handle all of your outlet repair services, from GFCI outlet installations to GFCI receptacle repairs, and everything in between. Call Allsource Electrical Technologies to schedule an appointment.

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Where To Install Your Whole Home Generator

When you schedule a standby generator installation at your house, you might think about what type to get, what functionality it should have, and other criteria. But, you might not think about where to put it.

It’s essential to confer with an electrician about where to install your unit.

You will need to consider how much noise it will make, how quickly and easily it can be accessed if it needs maintenance or repairs, the elevation level to keep water from entering it, any code requirements, and any suggestions from the manufacturer.

Schedule an appointment with our electrical contractors for installations and replacements at your house.

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