Whole House Surge Protectors in Houston, TX

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A power surge at your house can wreck your electronics and appliances. Instead of wasting money replacing these, you can invest in a whole house surge protector. These devices can protect your electronics. Call Allsource Electrical Technologies for appointments in Houston, TX. We offer same-day services.

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Protect Your House Against Surge Damage

If a lightning strike or a power surge destroys your electronics, you can spend a lot of money replacing them. Instead, you can avoid this by installing a surge protector. These units provide numerous benefits for your household, including offering protection from:

  • Lightning strikes. Your home could be at risk if a lightning strike hits up to a mile away. Your homeowner’s insurance policy might not protect you against this possible damage.
  • Increased energy output. Your home’s energy output rises as temperatures get higher, increasing the risk of surge damage.
  • Energy spikes. The average home can get hit with 20 energy spikes a day.

How Are Surge Protectors Different From Power Strips?

Do you think your home’s appliances are protected against power surges because you installed a power strip?

Power strips offer different benefits than surge protectors.

Power strips can be used when you need to plug in numerous electronics in your home, and you don’t have enough outlets. You can use these in rooms, for example, that have a TV, video game console, and computer.

While these devices are convenient, and they do have a circuit breaker on/off switch, they do not offer protection against power strikes. Only surge protectors offer protection against power surges.

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Whole House Surge Protectors: What You Need To Know

Whole house surge protectors offer numerous benefits for your household.

These units protect electronics from voltage spikes. To ensure they work correctly, you need to have them installed by an electrician.

An experienced technician will need to hard-wire the surge protector to your electrical box and ensure these are properly grounded so they can work properly.

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