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Are your electrical outlets up to code, or do they need to be upgraded to be compliant? You need to call professionals to avoid electrical code violations. Let the electricians install GFCI or AFCI outlets to keep your household safe. Call Allsource Electrical Technologies for appointments in Katy, TX. All of our electricians are licensed and insured.

We offer complete electrical services to Katy, including:

  • Electrical repair and troubleshooting
  • Code compliance repairs
  • Electrical panel repair and replacement
  • Light switches and dimmers
  • Electrical safety inspection
  • Indoor lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Electrical outlet repair and replacements
  • EV charging stations

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Electrical Panels: Know the Components

When you need to replace your circuit panel, there are many components that make up the system electricians might discuss with you during the project. Some of these include:

  • Main breaker panel: This is the main panel and connects the external wires from the city and the internal wires in your home.
  • Fuse boxes: These prevent circuit overflow and short out when there’s too much electricity in a circuit.
  • Main lug panel: These act as secondary electrical load bearers.
  • Sub-panels: These are used when multiple circuits are needed in the same area.

Call our electrical contractors at Allsource Electrical Technologies for electrical service panel installations, breaker panel repairs, or electrical panel upgrades.

Why You Need Outdoor Outlets

To protect your house and allow your outdoor fixtures and appliances to work correctly, it’s essential to install outdoor outlets that are specifically designed for the outdoors. These should be weather-resistant and able to withstand hot temperatures.

Schedule installation services with our electricians. They can also perform GFCI outlet repairs, GFCI receptacle services, and outlet repair services.

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Benefits of a Whole Home Generator vs. Portable Unit

When selecting a generator for your home, there are many advantages to installing an automatic backup generator instead of a portable system:

  • They are safer
  • They produce less of a threat of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • They start up automatically within seconds of losing power
  • They are more cost-effective to run

When you need standby generator installations at your home, call our electricians at Allsource Electrical Technologies for services.

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