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If you smell a burning odor coming from your wiring, light switches, or outlets, it’s not a problem you can ignore. You need to schedule electrical repair services to prevent dangers and electrical code violations. Booking an appointment quickly can help you avoid large risks – including fires – at your property. Call Allsource Electrical Technologies for appointments in Cypress, TX. All of our electricians are licensed and insured!

We offer complete electrical services to Cypress, including:

  • Electrical repair and troubleshooting
  • Code compliance repairs
  • Electrical panel repair and replacement
  • Light switches and dimmers
  • Electrical safety inspection
  • Electrical outlet repair and replacements
  • EV charging stations
  • Indoor lighting
  • Outdoor lighting

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Why You Need an Expert for Electrical Panel Replacements

Electrical panel upgrades are not jobs you can do yourself, or watch a YouTube clip to learn how. These jobs need to be completed by professionals.

Hiring someone without enough training and experience to install an electrical service panel can lead to numerous issues for your system – including causing high-voltage shocks and putting you at risk for fires. It can also result in a code violation. This can have serious consequences, as it can void your warranty on the system.

Experienced electricians can avoid these problems. They are trained to properly install electrical panels. They can also troubleshoot any unexpected problems that occur, and perform complete breaker panel repairs. Call our electrical contractors at Allsource Electrical Technologies for services.

Electrical Outlet Codes You Must Follow

The NEC establishes codes your entire electrical system must follow – including your outlets.

Some guidelines you must follow for your outlets include:

  • Tamper-resistant outlets for all new construction.
  • Covered outdoor outlets with a modern bubble cover. This will help keep debris out of the outlets.
  • Outlets every 12 feet in most living areas, and on many smaller walls

When you need electrical code repairs, GFCI outlet installations, and GFCI receptacle repairs, call our contractors at Allsource Electrical Technologies for outlet repair services.

We know that replacing the wiring in your home can be expensive. Ask us about our financing options!

Schedule Professional Whole Home Generator Installations

If you often lose power during major storms or extreme heat, you can benefit from a standby generator installation. These systems can provide many benefits to your house, including keeping the lights on and the refrigerator and AC running during a blackout.

However, these units cannot be installed on your own. You need to hire an experienced electrician to perform the work.

Electrical contractors can help you determine what size of unit you need, where it should be installed, what fuel sources it needs, where the transfer switch needs to be placed, and more.

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