Call An Electrician And Avoid The Dangers Of DIY Electrical Projects


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These days, the DIY or do-it-yourself trend in home or office improvements are all the rage in Texas, as well as, across the world. However, there is one home/office improvement area that is best left to the professionals – electrical installations, repairs and upgrades.

When it comes to installing a new electrical fixture or repairing an old one, it is always safe to avail the services of a professional electrician in Stafford, TX. As per a recent study, it was revealed that approximately four thousand to six thousand people are injured each year in electrical accidents around the home or office. A good number of whom are hurt due to faulty and inexperienced DIY electrical attempts. Unless you wish to spend millions of dollars in electrical accidents and repair fees, call upon our professional electricians to get the assistance that you need.

Below Given Are Seemingly Simple Electrical Jobs That Diyers Attempt And Horribly Mess It Up.

Installation Of New Light Switches Or Plugs

This is seemingly a simple job. But, if it is not done correctly, it can lead to serious injuries and fires. So, it is best to call an electrician.

If your light switch is crackling or lights are flickering as you turn them on, it is a sign that you need to replace them for your safety. Outlets that are unable to hold a plug, spark or frequently lose power when devices or appliances are plugged into them also need replacement. In case your home or office has old two-pronged outlets, hire the services of a professional electrician and have them replaced.

The professionals will be able to quickly finish the installation process and in a safe manner.

Installation Of An Exhaust Fan Or Ceiling Fan

Installation of a ceiling fan may appear simple to you, but the process is actually very tricky. It is recommended that ceiling fan installation is always carried out by a professional. The wiring in the ceiling has to be checked properly, especially in older buildings, along with the wiring behind the connecting wall switches. Also, the ceiling box should be rated for the use of ceiling fan for safety.

Sometimes, during ceiling fan or exhaust fan installation, there are certain structural issues that have to be taken into account. Knowing that a professional is taking care of your needs, you can have the peace of mind that the electrician in Stafford, TX will guarantee correct installation.

Repairing Or Installing Light Fixtures

Again, light fixture installation might seem like a job that you can do-it-yourself, but the wiring behind the light fixture can be very complicated. Anybody can change a light bulb, but installation is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Light fixture installation gets even more complicated in older buildings where there might be a problem with aluminum wiring. With the internal wiring out-of-date, the installation of a new light fixture can cause injuries or fire hazards. This is why you need to let the experts take care of this for you.

Even the installation of outdoor security lighting and recessed lighting are jobs that require a professional.

Naturally, there are a number of electricians in Texas and finding the right electrician in Stafford, TX for your job might make you feel overwhelmed. In such a situation, focus on the following qualities and make an informed decision.

  • Long years of experience in handling simple to complicated electrical jobs.
  • A good reputation, positive reviews and an expanding list of happy customers.
  • Make sure that the electrician contractor or the company is licensed and insured.
  • The contractor is able to complete electrical jobs within a stipulated time frame and is extremely careful about the property.
  • The pricing is transparent and the electrician is not hesitant to provide you with an estimate.
  • The electrician is available 24/7 because electrical emergencies do not always happen within normal business hours.

Do you require any kind of consultation for your home or office electrical issues? If so, you can connect with our expert, experienced and licensed electricians in Stafford. We understand the importance of a flawless electrical system and strive hard to deliver high-quality services at affordable rates.