5 Misconceptions About Electricians You Should Not Believe


Electricians often do not get the credit due to them. They perform the most difficult tasks under dangerous conditions. Electricians in Katy, TX even have misconceptions associated with their field of work. Here are some of the common myths about electricians that are just not true. If you believe in any of the following, stop doing so right now.

Myth 1: Any Person Can Do What Electricians Do

Many people have the misconception that they can repair electronics, outlets and electronic fixtures by themselves. While it is true that almost anyone can conduct minor repairs, the more extensive work needs expertise and knowledge. Only an electrician possesses sufficient know-how to perform the complex calculation required during the complicated repairs.

Myth 2: General Contractors Can Do What An Electrician Does

Anyone engaged in construction projects knows that a general contractor cannot perform the duties of an electrician. However, those not that knowledgeable feel that hiring a general contractor and hiring an electrician is the same thing. While it is true that general contractors have a working understanding of how electrical systems work, they do not possess the expertise or range of knowledge about electronic systems that an electrician does. Whether it is an apprentice, journeyman or master electrician, extensive study and experience on the job make electricians specialized in their field of work. These professionals can repair any electrical faults and mishaps that occur in your home with ease.

Myth 3: Electricians Work Under Risky Conditions

This misconception is based on some truth. In the past, electricians did not have the technology available today to protect them. In fact, a century ago, electricians’ apprentices had a 50% chance of surviving the apprenticeship. Even today, some jobs may pose a threat to the health of an electrician, but most domiciliary contracts are relatively safer. Most of the electrical accidents or fatalities reported, occur to homeowners or other members of the family. Electricians have extensive training in handling electrical work, which is why they take proper precaution against such incidents. Specialized gear, such as rubber gloves and boots also ensure insulation from current sources.

Myth 4: Electricians Destroy Your Walls

During the rewiring process, electricians may need to peer inside your walls to check the wiring there. However, it is rarely as extensive as you may think. The make-up of your home’s wall also determines the amount of damage that it may sustain during the rewiring procedure. Additionally, if you choose to hire an experienced electrician who has prior experience in rewiring, you can substantially reduce the wall damage. You can find several electricians who specialize in rewiring. Hire one of these professionals to minimize the risk of damage to walls and home interiors.

Myth 5: Hiring Unlicensed Electricians Is A Good Way To Save Money

Most people resort to unlicensed electricians to save on the cost of electrical repairs. These uninsured electricians do not possess the same depth of knowledge and expertise that a properly certified electrician does. Therefore, failing to hire a licensed electrician can be a very dangerous and costly decision. An unlicensed electrician cannot guarantee the same quality of work that a certified professional can. Therefore, the former may solve your electrical issues at present but may cause greater underlying problems that become evident later on.

Additionally, safety is another concern when hiring uninsured electrician. With a lack of knowledge when it comes to the safety standards, such a worker can cause bodily harm to themselves or others during the job. He/she may even cause irreparable damage to parts of your property. Therefore, it makes absolutely no sense to hire an electrician of this sort, instead of a properly certified or insured worker.

Do not take Katy, TX electricians lightly. They provide an essential service and undergo extensive training to master the art. Although widely misunderstood, electricians possess considerable know-how about all aspects of an electrical system.

If you face any issue in your electrical system or appliances, contact an electrician. They can take a look and determine the exact cause of the problem. Avoid do-it-yourself projects when it comes to electrical repairs, as it can lead to injuries or even death. Instead, trust a licensed electrician.