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Start Holiday Decorating Now To Avoid Risks

Put Up Holiday Lights This Month

As the holiday season gets underway, it’s time for Missouri City, Texas residents to think about putting up outdoor holiday lights. While creating fun, festive displays is a family tradition for many households, it can also come with risks.

To avoid electrical threats while putting up Christmas decorations, Texas electricians provide tips on selecting the right lights, creating a beautiful and festive display, and staying safe this holiday season.

lightsWhen To Use Incandescent vs. LED Holiday Lights

Christmas lights make up the bulk of holiday decorations. When buying lights, homeowners have to select between incandescent and LED lights. There are key differences between the two, including the cost and lifespan.

Incandescent Christmas Lights

Many homeowners are more familiar with incandescent holiday lights, and therefore might opt for those. These provide numerous benefits. They are cheaper than LED lights and provide a softer, warmer glow that many property owners prefer.

There are also drawbacks to incandescent lights. These use more energy and result in higher utility bills. These don’t last as long as LED lights, and in many cases, when homeowners buy a strand of lights, the whole strand will fail if one bulb fails. This frustrates households when trying to decorate their homes for the holidays.

LED Christmas Lights

For homeowners who opt for LED lights, they will experience many benefits. One of the biggest advantages is that they are more energy efficient, letting property owners save money on utility bills. These lights also last longer than incandescent lights, come in various colors and styles, and are safer as they don’t give off as much heat.

If property owners opt against LED lights, it can be due to the brighter light they give. The upfront price of these lights is also higher.

holiday displayLight Options For Fun Holiday Displays

Homeowners have more options when selecting outdoor Christmas lights for their holiday displays. Some of the most popular types of lights used are:

  • Small lights for wrapping around trees and branches
  • Strands of lights to trim roof lines and balconies
  • Net lighting to quickly drape over bushes and shrubs
  • Inflatable characters and objects to decorate yards and decks
  • Icicle lights to hang from eaves or rooflines
  • Project lights that display an image or graphics on the garage door or side of the house

Electrical Safety Tips When Putting Up Decor

While putting up outdoor Christmas decorations can be fun, it can pose many risks to households. Fires can occur if there is faulty wiring, and family members can suffer shocks or even electrocution if they are not careful.

To avoid these problems, electricians recommend taking certain precautions to avoid electrical threats. Some suggestions they offer to homeowners are:

  • Avoid overloaded circuits
  • Check decorations and lights for exposed or faulty wiring
  • Use outdoor lights for outside decor to ensure safety during rain and snow
  • Keep decorations away from heat sources like candles, lights, and fireplaces
  • Turn off all decorations and lights overnight

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