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How to select the Correct electrician for your project after a Major Flood

Electrical  safety TIPS after a major Flooding, and How to Select the Correct Electrical Contractor for your project

Everybody’s in a hurry to get things back to normal after a disaster, but when it comes to electrical safety, it pays to step back and carefully evaluate things before moving ahead with any work. If your house has been severely damaged by floodwaters, here are some pointers to help keep you safe, and to help you pick the right contractors:

electrician Katy TX

electrician Katy TX

Once the House is pumped out and you begin recovery efforts, keep in mind that all flooded electrical equipment is almost certainly ruined.

Why: Very few things in a house are rated to survive submersion, even briefly. The following will almost certainly need to be replaced:
Plastic-sheathed building wire (often referred to by the trade name Romex),Armored cable (often referred to by the trade name BX),Circuit panels and circuit breakers, Fuse boxes and fuses, Sub panels, Switched disconnect boxes, Switches, Outlet receptacles, Motors, Circuit boards, Non-submersible pumps, Blowers and fans, Lights, Heaters, Air conditioners, Furnaces,
Boilers, Grounding and bonding.

A licensed electrician or can advise you whether your electrical system is working properly. It depends upon the type of equipment, the depth of the floodwaters, and the duration of submersion.

How to verify Electrical Contractor’s credentials

Last, is very important to check the company’s or the contractor’s credentials. If you are working with a local/Texas contractor you should always ask the following:

  • contractor’s license number which should be marked on their work vehicle
    you can check their license status along with any violations. You can get this done by visiting the Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act website, under search/verify top left corner tab.
  • Most contractors, whether they are big companies or small companies have a working website, go to their website and familiarize yourself with the services that they provide
  • It is also helpful to read online past customers reviews before making your choice of any contractors that you hire for your projects.
  • Ask the contractor if they are insured/licensed, and if there are any formal complaints open against them.

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Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial electrical at Allsource Electrical Technologies LLC

Commercial electrical at Allsource Electrical Technologies LLC

✓ Circuit Breaker Replacement
✓ Indoor / Outdoor Lighting
✓ Underground Wiring
✓ Code Corrections
✓ Lighting Maintenance
✓ Sign Lighting
✓ Generator Installations
✓ Fluorescent Ballast
✓ Outside Lighting (New/Repair)
✓ LED lighting
✓ Outlets/Circuits
✓ Breaker Box replacement
✓ Landscape Lighting
✓ Surge Protection






Residential Services

Residential electrical

Residential electrical

✓ Ceiling Fans
✓ Lights Fixtures
✓ Outlets
✓ Trouble Shoot
✓ Service Upgrades
✓ Branch Wiring
✓ Fluorescent Lights
✓ LED lighting
✓ Security Lights
✓ Energy Management
✓ Remodeling
✓ Surge Protection
✓ Landscaping Lighting
✓ Underground Service
✓ Plus More